La dispersion géographique combinée à la proximité que nous souhaitons avoir avec nos collaborateurs a conduit à la création d'équipes locales de RH qui travaillent en collaboration entre elles et qui sont en contact étroit, recherchant la connexion parfaite entre ce que chaque candidat ou employé souhaite et ce dont l'entreprise a besoin.



    "Penser globalement, agir localement"


    Nous pensons que les personnes sont l'essence même de notre groupe et notre principal facteur de différenciation et d'avantage concurrentiel.
    Notre mission est de penser globalement et d'agir localement. Garantir une vision globale dans la recherche des meilleures solutions et la capacité locale à les mettre en œuvre et à les fournir efficacement.

    Notre succès et notre durabilité dépendent de notre personnel.
    Mota-Engil, un monde d'opportunités.


    Nous sommes le reflet des valeurs de notre entreprise et nous représentons son caractère unique.

    Nous sommes passionnés par le travail que nous faisons et nous nous engageons à trouver la bonne personne pour le bon endroit.

    Nous sommes à la recherche d'une personne qui acceptera de relever un défi en Afrique.

    Si vous voulez saisir cette opportunité, faites-le nous savoir


    Our passion is to create value in providing services.

    At MANVIA we want to do more and better.

    We encourage innovation.

    The future is now.


    Commitment, teamwork and continuous improvement are keys to achieving excellence in quality and customer satisfaction.

  • EGF

    Convinced that the creation of value is concretized to a great extent through the valorization of its Human Capital, we continue to bet on the materialization of the defined priorities, through the development and implementation of projects built to suit you.

  • MECE

    We are group of passionate people whose goal is to create an environment to thrive. We match experience with engagement in sharing best Human Resources management practices with Mota Engil community. You can meet us during your path in our company – we are partners in your professional life-cycle. 

    We are here to empower your career! We are here to build-up your world with ME!

  • MEEC

     "All great navigators owe their reputation to the storms and the rainy seasons."



    A Proud Galway girl who loves meeting people. A good listener and always up for a laugh 😉
    We believe if you make people feel appreciated they will always do more than what is expected.

    People really matter”.


    At Mota-Engil Colombia, we recognize the importance of Human Talent, so we strive to identify people with the attitude and knowledge necessary to integrate them into our work teams and grow together.

    The well-being of our collaborators is integrated in three large blocks: Recognition of merit, development of the Career Plan and strengthening of affective ties for teamwork.


    The Human Resources team's mission is to attract the best talent to contribute to the business objectives, facilitating the training of each one and managing good practices in the relationship with employees, compensation and benefits and employee's welfare.

    In Human Resources we seek the contribution of everyone to the creation of a great work culture. Meet our team!


    The HR team of ME Peru is a strategic partner in the talent management of our operations, based on corporate guidelines, promoting good labor practices in the sector, meeting the requirements of certified management systems and responding to the needs of our internal and external clients.

    Our processes are designed to satisfy our different stakeholders through a service focused on solving the challenges in an innovative and efficient way, contributing to the sustained growth of the company.