Mota-Engil Group focus on developing high potential young people, using different talent recruitment and development programs.In particular, with Learn@ME we intend to:

  • Promote a first contact with the business world, welcoming groups of students that intend to meet the various business areas of the Mota-Engil Group and the main challenges faced in terms of business:
  • Cooperate in studies or academic projects;
  • Capture students still under university training (degree or master’s degree), that intend to develop an approximation experience to the labour market, through curricular or summer internship.

Cristina Rodrigues

“The experience at MESP (Mota-Engil Share Services) allowed me to develop and deepen the knowledge acquired in my higher education, as well as the opportunity to expand my social and interpersonal skills. It should be noted that I was part of a team that introduced me to a project associated with the management of the organization, to which I was able to make a notable contribution and understand the company's efficiency.”


Gonçalo Tavares

“Be part of the Learn@ME Program at Mota-Engil was an extremely rewarding and enriching experience that allowed me to have a practical and direct contact with day-to-day life in a business group that crosses borders and provided me with learning and knowledge that I will take with me for the rest of my professional life. The environment and human capital are exceptional and were essential for you to make the most of this summer internship.”