"Our people must have the talent required to convert today’s ambition into tomorrow’s talent."

António Mota

Raquel Manarte

“To leave the comfort zone is always a difficult decision, but my time in Africa was a life-changing experience which allowed a proximity to values and cultural rules very different and also a rewarding sharing of skills.”

Martha Torres

“Our Group’s identity is based on the experience and multicultural wealth obtained over more than 70 years. Our culture is based on very solid family roots, enriched with the talent, motivation and commitment of our employees. The bonds created in this big family are forever.”

Piotr Bienias

"Work in Mota-Engil is a great professional experience and a tremendous opportunity for constant raising qualifications. There is no room here for routine and repeatable activities. Mota-Engil family is the workplace where everyone can fulfill itself professionally, develop skills and broaden horizons. With respect to the past we are looking ahead being fully committed to our targets with sense of responsibility towards shareholders, employees and local society."

Álvaro Fonseca

"Throughout my professional path in the Mota-Engil group I was challenged several times by new situations that forced me to reinvent myself as a professional: learning ability, commitment and critical spirit were always the tools I felt most valued and those that allowed me to answer with relative success to the challenges presented."

Claudia Sonhi

"My trajectory in the Mota-Engil Group has been positive in every aspect. I learn each day and with each employee with whom I work. I learn with engineers, with technicians from every sector, foremen, masons and assistants. For me all information is valid to grow, every exchange of views about the work of others improves my performance and my functions. I’ve been growing as a professional in my field, and I’ve earned the trust of my superiors, which allows them to increasingly bet in me."