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City:  Kampala

ME Uganda


Duties & Responsibilities


  • Operating the crane and hoists under supervision at the worksite.
  • Transfer loads to construction sites and discharge them safely.
  • Bind loads to cranes.
  • Inspect equipment and machinery to ensure that it is in good mechanical condition.
  • Carry out basic repairs to machines
  • Keep and update maintenance and activity log.
  • Set up machinery based on complex manuals.
  • Coordinate with ground operators and interpret hand and verbal signals.
  • Follow safety guidelines and protocols.
  • Wearing personal protective safety equipment.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the crane hoisting mechanism.
  • Using lever and pedal controls efficiently.


Qualifications, Skills and Experience



  • Technical Certificate in operating the Crane Machine.
  • Valid Operating License.
  • Minimum of 4 years of working experience handling different types of crane machines.
  • Proficient knowledge in lifting heavy loads and work at heights.
  • Knowledge of OSHA Regulations, and ANSI Standards in crane operations.