The attraction and retention of young people with high potential, leadership spirit, and ambition to embrace new challenges are determinants to preparing the future of the Mota-Engil Group. To meet sustainable growth, Mota-Engil launched 2009 the StartME: Corporate Trainee Program.

The contact with different businesses, the learning of innovative methodologies, the networking with key people, as well as development of competencies in an international context will be part of these young talents’ training and growing process. To embrace this challenge, the Mota-Engil Group seeks to attract undergraduates or new graduates mainly in the fields of Engineering.

The Program has a duration of one year and already has ten editions. In October 2023 the Mota-Engil Group integrated more than 200 trainees in all geographical areas where we are present: Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

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  • “My experience as a trainee in the StartME program was very positive and enriching. On a professional level, it was a great opportunity to start my career, in a stimulating and challenging environment, always counting on the support of my colleagues and also with the various teams that make up the Mota-Engil Group.

    This experience provided me with not only great professional growth, but also personal growth. Starting this challenge in a context so different from what we are used to made the experience more difficult but also rewarding, since it allowed me to get to know a new culture so closely and develop my ability to adapt.”

  • "I only had good experiences with the StartME Program, it went far beyond my expectations! All people that I met in the Welcome Weeks, certainly left their mark on me, each one in a unique way.

    About my international experience of coming to Mexico, it has been something I had never thought of doing, and , in many ways, it surprised me a lot, not only on the way that the company works, but also in the people that I met here, in the food, in the culture and in the city.

    As an engineer I have grown a lot! (...) I believe that the program changes our lifes and without a doubt, it is a success!"

  • “I had never imagined myself working in Africa, especially in Mali, but well worth it! We must come with open minds and the will for adventure. 
     Coming to work in a gold mine and especially of this size, it makes me happy to be here! As a kid, I used to draw these huge trucks and now I'm standing in the middle of them! 
    During these months I have been learning a lot, starting with the culture itself, to the local language "Bambara", especially from all those who accompany me daily on this journey."