The attraction and retention of young people with high potential, leadership spirit, and ambition to embrace new challenges are determinants to preparing the future of the Mota-Engil Group. With the purpose of meeting sustainable growth, Mota-Engil launched 2009 the Start@ME: Corporate Trainee Program.

The contact with different businesses, the learning of innovative methodologies, the networking with key people, as well as development of competencies in an international context will be part of these young talents’ training and growing process. In order to embrace this challenge, the Mota-Engil Group seeks to attract undergraduates or newly graduates mainly in the fields of Engineering.

The Program has a duration of one year and already counts eight editions. In October 2021 the Mota-Engil Group integrated more than 100 trainees in all geographical areas where we are present: Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

Margarida Monteiro

“My experience as a Start@ME trainee was very positive and enriching. At a professional level, it was a great opportunity to start my career, in a stimulating and challenging environment, always counting on the support of my colleagues and also with the various teams that make up the Mota-Engil Group. This experience gave me not only a great professional growth, but also a personal one. Starting this challenge in a context so different from what we are used to has made the experience more difficult but also rewarding, since it allowed us to get to know a new culture so closely and develop my ability to adapt.”


John Bosco Kaye

“The great deal of ideas in terms of practice under construction of Kampala Northern By pass in capacity improvement is a giant step in my career, profession and a walk of life in the gulf of engineering as it embraced me with innovative scheme in the different fields of engineering after exercising and practicing on a distinctively multiplex Kampala Northern By pass project that involved dealing with different people from different cultures i.e locals and those from western life. Start@Me has enthusiastically contributed a lot to ascertain my budding in civil engineering discipline.

Am really grateful for the opportunity and am sure you can count on me.”


Marta Cunha

“These months were a trip with good and not so good moments. Like everything in life, nothing is perfect and this experience has had difficult moments. Seeing myself grow up every day was the best feeling I had. I grew a lot on a personal level, but on a professional level I had an evolution that I never expected to have in such a short time. Living constantly under pressure and stress is difficult, but it is at these times that we learn more and better.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would repeat for many reasons. The people I met, the different cultures I saw, the experiences I lived, everything was very worth it! This year he started flying, but it also seems like it took forever. It was the most different year in my life, but also one of the best and for that I am very grateful for the opportunity.”


Bryan Gil

“In Peru, where a large part of the national economy is driven by mining, working in this sector is a great challenge and a very enriching experience. Being part of the Start@ME Program allowed my personal and professional development during the year of internship, reaching the goals defined individually and as a team.

This program helped me to get an overview of how the Group works. Now I feel prepared to make decisions that cover different areas, taking into account the progress and benefits expected for the project, taking care of the environment, employees, the surrounding communities and without forgetting the relationship with customers.

So, I want to continue being part of this successful company to grow as a professional and contribute to the development of my country!”