"É preciso que as nossas Pessoas tenham o talento necessário para transformar a ambição de Hoje no talento de amanhã."

António Mota

Daniela Cruz

“My journey at the Mota-Engil Group has been guided not only by the opportunity for career progression and diversification, but also by the rewarding experience of participating in significant projects that really make a difference. To contact, learn and exchange ideas with people from all over the world, often in different languages, but always speaking a common language - the language of the Mota-Engil family.”


Carlos Roldan

“I started working with the Mota-Engil Group, in Mexico, on a major road project in the concession and construction area. I continued with projects for underground works and metro lines in the area of ​​public works. 

This type of activities and the special culture of the Mota-Engil Group allowed us to acquire a unique experience in cost control, contract management and mastery of special techniques for the execution of highly complex projects - characteristics that place our Group at the top of the construction sector in Mexico.”


Niamh Malone

“I have been immersed within the Mota-Engil Group in Ireland for almost 2 years now. Throughout this time, I have developed more personally and professionally than in any other role in my career.  The opportunities for growth are limitless. The ever-changing complexity and demographic of our project portfolios, continues to keep my brain stimulated, sharp and focused. 

I have pushed the boundaries and the boundaries have pushed me, always for a positive and successful business outcome. No two days are the same and that is why I keep coming back every single day. Challenges make us better at what we do now and in the future.”


João Borges

“Developing a whole professional career in the Mota-Engil Group is, today and more and more, an ambition and a privilege that ennobles us as people and professionals. 

Only a Group of different and fulfilling individuals is able to promote an environment that allows everyone, without exception, to grow and fulfill our dreams, in a sustainable way, with loyalty and in compliance with the ethical and deontological values ​​of this entire community. 

It is this message that I allow myself to share with the youngest of us, as well as those who now join our large family: proudly use our symbol - we are Mota-Engil.”


Georgina Guerrero

“I am very proud to be part of the work philosophy we live at Mota-Engil Peru and the team, which day after day puts quality and excellence as an objective in its activities. 

I value the level and speed of response from all leaders to manage permanent business challenges and assertively internalize change, highlighting the Group's commitment and continuous support to its employees.”