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Treatment Plant Operator

City:  Kilkenny

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Treatment Plant Operator 

The Treatment Plant Operator duties in this position are outlined below, but are not limited to the following:

  • Monitor and control the operation of the plant and treatment process so as to ensure that clean, safe drinking water is produced and to ensure that the plant is operated in an optimal manner in accordance with best practice.
  • Carrying out all duties as per training received both internal and external
  • Promoting Health & Safety culture within the company by utilising all PPE provided and ensuring visitors to site are in suitable PPE
  • Carrying out best hygiene practices at all times


  • Calibration of monitoring equipment and dosing pumps
  • Preventative and general maintenance of equipment as per Operations and Maintenance Manuals


  • Routine inspections and cleaning of all source screens
  • Routine inspections and cleaning of Raw Water holding tanks


  • Handling of chemicals and accept and supervise chemical deliveries by third-parties
  • Ordering of required chemicals, done through head office
  • Adjusting chemical dosing to optimise treatment process
  • Performing jar testing and daily checks of water quality parameters with equipment provided
  • Perform water sampling for third-party laboratory analysis


  • General house-keeping cleaning duties
  • Cutting/spraying and landscaping requirements as necessary
  • Operation of sludge management infrastructure as required


  • Recording all on-site data, manually and electronically
  • Reporting to management by phone and email
  • Liaise and interact with the Plant Manager and other operators, as well as other contractors from electrical and mechanical disciplines
  • Undertake duties of a general nature that may be required by your manager.


  • Remote monitoring of WTP on SCADA system and take corrective actions as required
  • Availability for response to plant failures outside normal operation hours in accordance with roster for same
  • The Plant Operator shall be required to work shifts throughout these times and can expect to be a lone-worker for more than 70% of the time and accordingly will be required to exercise good judgment and initiative




Job Segment: Chemical Research, Electrical, Engineering